San Diego

Front Yard Fire Threatens Homes in Allied Gardens

The fire started just after midnight on Greenbrier Avenue n Allied Gardens

A raging brush fire burned in the front yard of a San Diego home and came dangerously close to other homes in the neighborhood overnight.

The fire was reported just after midnight on Greenbrier Avenue just south of Mission Gorge Road in the Allied Gardens neighborhood.

A large juniper bush in the corner of the front yard caught fire and quickly spread to other landscaping.

The homeowner said she walked by the front window and saw a wall of flames.

"We ran around the back of the house out to the side corner while the fire department was here," said Sandra Lynn Harris.

"They were marvelous," she said of the firefighters. "I mean they were just so fast."

San Diego Police responded and say they initially worried the house may catch fire.

No word yet on how the fire started.

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