Fire Destroys Detached Home in Carlsbad

Neighbors say they've been working with the city about controlling honeless squatters at the vacant property

Fire destroyed a granny flat and garage located on the property of a vacant home in Carlsbad Thursday.

The fire started at 1:20 a.m. along Chinquapin Avenue west of Interstate 5.

One man who lives next door to the home told NBC 7 the flames got a little too close to his home.

"I thought my house was next," Robert Freeman said. "We have some stuff on the side of the yard so we just cleared that all away so there wouldn't be any fuel." 

He said flames were just one bush away from spreading onto his property.

Fire crews extinguished the fire fast enough to avoid any other property damage.

Fire investigators say they found where the fire started but have not determined a cause or who started the fire.

The home was vacant and was set to be developed so there was no electrical or power at the home that could have started the fire.

Neighbors say a group of homeless people come and go from the home regularly and have actually started smaller fires here before.

Shannon Aganza said news of the fire was devastating but not surprising.

"We've seen little fires and we've called the police. We've been working with the city to try and have the situation remedied," Aganza said. 

Fire officials have turned over the investigation to Carlsbad Police. 

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