Fire Destroys Boozefighters Motorcycle Club in Kearny Mesa

An overnight fire destroyed the headquarters for a local motorcycle club just as members were getting ready for a fundraiser.

The Boozefighters Motorcycle Club assembles bicycles for their annual Christmas with Kids bike giveaway in a Kearny Mesa business park.

Just after 1 a.m., a two-alarm fire swept through the club on Clairemont Mesa Boulevard near Mercury Street.

Nearly 60 firefighters battled the fire and kept it from spreading to other units.

Club members say they lost some raffle prizes that were just dropped off Sunday.

Brian Trum said the fire strikes the club at a bad time.

"Fires happen all the time,” he said. “Unfortunately it's us this time.”

“I'm speechless to tell you the truth and that doesn't happen much.”

One of the things that survived the fire was a flag in a case hanging in the hallway of the club.

Members say the flag flew in Afghanistan. Since many of them are veterans, the members say they're grateful the flag wasn't destroyed.

The club has launched an online fundraising page to help replace the items lost in the fire.

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