Fire Danger Elevated

Firefighters keeping an eye on local mountains

It's not a Red Flag Warning - not yet anyway, but local firefighters are standby because of the weather.  While low clouds and fog shroud San Diego beaches during the nights and mornings, the air above 2500 feet is clear and very, very dry.

In some spots, we're seeing single digit humidity levels.  That, combined with temperatures around 90 degrees and winds gusting upwards of 25 mph spells potential trouble in the case of any kind of fire in the mountains, no matter how small or how remote.

The super dry conditions could last until the weekend when things could turn completely around in the local mountains with the return of monsoonal moisture out of Mexico.  While this would raise humidity levels to a safe level it could, at the same time, present a different danger for firefighters - lightning.

If you're planning on traveling through, working or camping in the mountains at any time this summer, you're urged to use extra caution regarding sparks or open flames of any type.

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