Filner's Pension Docked $147/Month

His monthly pension has been reduced from $1,719.69 to $1,572.57

Former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner will lose $147 each month from his pension benefit under his sexual harassment plea agreement, according the San Diego City Employees’ Retirement System (SDCERS).

His monthly pension has been docked more than 8 percent, from $1,719.69 to $1,572.57.

The change retroactively applies to benefits he’s already been paid since Oct. 3, 2013. That means Filner owes SDCERS $873.24 for his Oct. through March payments.

However, the system must return Filner’s $4,476.03 contribution that he made to his account before his retirement.

“SDCERS has determined that Mr. Filner made a knowing and intelligent waiver of his pension benefits, following the consideration of a totality of circumstances,” wrote SDCERS Communications Manager Christina Di Leva in a release.

Filner can appeal the SDCERS decision until April 21.

By pleading guilty to felony false imprisonment and misdemeanor battery, Filner agreed to fully forfeit his mayoral pension benefit from the time of his first offense (March 6, 2013) to his resignation (Aug. 30, 2013).

His sentence of three-months house arrest ended Sunday and, in turn, started his three years of probation.

Under the terms of that probation, Filner is required to avoid further crimes, have no contact with his victims, stay in counseling, meet with probation officers and pay fines and restitution, according to Sarah Gordon, the communications officer with San Diego County’s Public Safety Group.

Filner is also subject to drug tests and searches, and he cannot hold public office while on probation.

"Half of the time of the three-year time period -- half of the time -- he'd be watched very closely by a probation officer," said attorney Gretchen von Helms. "Half of the time the court would just monitor him on its own."

In May 2015, the former mayor can petition for non-supervised summary probation. He can apply to have his felony downgraded to a misdemeanor and later dismissed in Dec. 2016.

Sunday, Filner released an exclusive statement to NBC 7, apologizing to his vicitms and saying his house arrest was a time of reflection. 

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