Mayor's Ex-Fiancee Urges Filner to Resign

Ingram broke off her engagement with Filner in July

The woman once called the First Lady of San Diego called for Mayor Bob Filner to resign without conditions.

Mayor Bob Filner's former fiancée, Bronwyn Ingram, appeared in front of the media Thursday at the Los Angeles law office of attorney Gloria Allred.

Because in the past, he’s had a great deal of respect for her opinion, Ingram was hoping her voice will help him make the right decision, Allred said.

"I’m hopeful that tomorrow will begin a healing process," Ingram said in a brief statement.

Allred said Ingram never witnessed the sexual harassment of any employee of the city of San Diego.

When asked by a reporter if she witnessed the sexual harassment of anyone else, Ingram silently shook her head no.

Ingram, who stood by Filner’s side throughout his campaign, at his first news conference as mayor-elect and at his swearing in ceremony, broke off their engagement in July. Read Ingram's letter

The 48-year-old Ingram was in a three-year relationship with the 70-year-old former Congressman and planning for an October wedding when she called it off.

Here is Ingram's complete statement:

“I’m hopeful that the settlement agreement between Bob and the City of San Diego will include resignation and begin to bring closure to this painful chapter for all those involved.

I’m hopeful that tomorrow will begin a healing process and that attention will return to the needs and concerns of the people of San Diego.

I’m hopeful that the ideas and the vision that captured the imagination and votes of San Diegans last November will continue to move forward through new leadership.

San Diego is filled with great people, brilliant in their ideas and filled with a strong sense of community.

That platform that Bob and I campaigned on with an emphasis of empowering neighborhoods can and should move forward if that is still the will of the voters.

On a personal note, having spent all of last year involved in a grueling campaign, I also want to urge all the candidates in a new election process to conduct fair and respectful campaigns.

And to truly put the fate of the city and its people first.

In this great American Democracy, we expect and deserve our government and its representatives to serve the citizens and the community in a respectful, intelligent and fair manner.

Let us all pull together, work together and help each other return San Diego to its rightful designation as America’s Finest City."

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