Fill ‘Er Up and Log On

Gas stations offer internet connections

Britsh Petroleum wants you to stick around for a while after filling up your tank.  The oil giant is starting to install free Wi-Fi services at it's more than 9,000 gas stations and truck stops in the U.S. and Canada.  B.P. also owns Arco.

The idea, according to analysts, is to offer an additional value to the gas fill up and at the same time encourage customers to purchase other goods and services at the station.  Besides fuel, some BP stations have on-site restaurants, video arcades and convenience stores.

"I think it's ridiculous myself," said one San Diego Arco customer, "Usually for me, I just want to come in and get my gas and leave." 

Another customer said, "I see it more as a business thing than for a regular guy who just wants to pick up some gas and go."

One industry analysts said not only can BP offer a service to their customers but the connection could also be used to promote special deals to online users.

While it seems unlikely that many customers would turn on their laptop computers at the gas station, the Wi-Fi would work with mobile phones that can connect online.

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