Sheriff's Officials Arrest Man Who Tried to Run Over Deputy in Spring Valley

Sheriff's officials have arrested a driver they say tried to run over a deputy. 

The incident happened around 10:13 a.m. Monday on the 8600 block of Tyler Street in Spring Valley when deputies responded to an unknown fight call, Sheriff's officials said. 

When officers arrived on scene, they spotted someone at the scene getting into a black Ford 500.

The driver, 30-year-old Renee Chan, neared a deputy on foot, and the official motioned for the truck to stop so he could investigate the call.

As the truck stopped, the passenger, who had blood on his clothes and shoes, started walking away from the deputy, according to the sheriff's department.

The deputy tries to speak to the passenger, but Chan suddenly accelerated and hit the deputy in the knee, officials said. 

The deputy suffered a skinned knee. Chan took off in his truck, driving westbound on Tyler Street toward Sweetwater Road.

Calling in backup, the sheriff's team was soon joined by California Highway Patrol and the sheriff's helicopter, which all converged on the scene.

A CHP officer saw a man matching the suspect's description head into a local business on Troy Street, so he detained the man and confirmed he was Chan, according to sheriff's officials.

He was booked into jail on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer. Chan was on probation under AB 109 and had a warrant out for his arrest before the incident.

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