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Fiesta Island Going to The Dogs: City Council Approves Plan for Island's Future


Fiesta Island has a bright and drooly future.

The San Diego City Council adopted a plan for the 470-acre island Tuesday, setting in motion several environmental and public space improvements -- the biggest being a downsized, but fenced-in, off-leash dog park.

Over the past several years, the California Coastal Commission looked at ways to modify open spaces at Fiesta Island as part of the Mission Bay Park Master Plan. As part of the effort, the city considered two options for the fate of the southwest portion of Fiesta Island, which is home to a popular dog park.

  • Option “A” would have reduced the space of the fenced-in dog park to accommodate room for a playground, picnic area, boat launching area and a road to go through the dog park;
  • Option “B” was the more dog-friendly plan that calls for most of the southwest part of the island to be dedicated to our canine companions as solely an off-leash dog park.

In 2019, the city’s Environment Committee rejected option “A” in favor of the more open space for San Diego pooches. Pet owners cheered for the decision when it was made and now await the city’s final say on whether it will come to fruition or not.

The Coastal Commission then suggested some modifications to the dog-friendly plan and the city council adopted them on Tuesday.

The Coastal Commission's focus was environmental. Following the agency's suggestion, most of the island's northern peninsula will be closed off to the public year round.

A small bike and pedestrian path on the east side of the peninsula and about half of the shoreline will be closed to the public during Least Tern breeding season.

When the renovations are complete, Fiesta Island will feature a large off-leash dog park, a concession stand and multiple restroom areas, a campground and several areas dedicated to wildlife preservation.

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