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Few Clues in Boot and Bones Found on Carlsbad Beach

A bicyclist reported finding a black rubber boot approximately 70 yards south of the beach access stairs, Carlsbad Police said.

Officials are still trying to identify the person connected with a leg bone found inside a boot that washed ashore in Carlsbad.

A black rubber boot with a leg and foot bones were found approximately 70 yards south of the beach access stairs off Carlsbad Village Drive and Ocean Street in March.

In a report released Monday by the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office, investigator say the bone comes from a mature man based on its size.

They are unable to identify the ethnicity of the deceased but say a feature often found in skeletons of Asian or Native American ancestry is not present in the tibia.

The leg bone was covered by a basic tube sock. The boot was not deteriorated but officials estimate the bones were dry so the person may have been dead for many months.

Using the measurement of the bone, the medical examiner estimated the deceased to be an estimated 6-foot, 1-inch tall give or take 2.5 inches.

The medical examiner believes the cause of death is likely drowning but the investigation is ongoing.

The victim's family has not yet been notified.

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