Female Hiker Airlifted From Three Sisters Falls

San Diego County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue saved 39 people on the trail last year

A female hiker was airlifted from the Three Sisters Falls Saturday afternoon where she was hiking with a group.

The woman refused medical after she was evaluated in the ambulance. The incident may have been heat related. 

There were 39 rescues last year, according to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue and rescuers say some of those people show up unprepared. Some people have even died on the trail.

“The challenge with Three Sisters is that it’s easy to get down there,” SDSO Search and Rescue Reserve Commander Frank Motley said. “But you forget you have the hard hike back up," Motley added.

Although the trail is in the mountains near Julian and people expect the temperatures to be mild, there is a lot of direct sunlight and high heat on the trail. Police recommend hikers prepare for the trial by bringing plenty of water.

“Because you’re up in Julian, you think it’s going to be cool and nice, but it’s a high desert hike,” he said.

The woman was rescued around 12:40 p.m. Saturday.

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