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‘Feels Normal': Chula Vista Barbershop Reopens Following State, County Permission

Gov. Gavin Newsom said barbershops and hair salons can reopen with county permission on Wednesday

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Hair salons and barbershops were given the green light by the county to reopen as soon as Wednesday and one Chula Vista barber couldn’t contain his excitement about returning to his shop.

“It’s a huge relief, I’m excited,” said Danny Daniels, who owns Barber’s Den. “I couldn’t sleep at night. Last night, I was just laying there, just thinking about…what needs to be done.”

Daniels’ shop opened bright and early at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday after more than two months of being shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. He welcomed customers back and those patrons told NBC 7 they were glad to be able to get a fresh cut again.

“This is actually one of the local barbershops here in the South Bay that I support,” said Chris Ramirez, one of Barber’s Den’s customers. “Veteran-owned, that’s always a good thing, too.”

Ramirez went on to say that returning to a little luxury that was unattainable due to the pandemic felt right.

“It feels normal, it feels great,” he said. “I’m super excited to become a regular customer now.”

As of midnight, hair salons and barbershops were given the green light to reopen under new restrictions. NBC 7’s Nicole Gomez has more details.

Like restaurants, barbershops and hair salons must follow a set of restrictions in order to operate. The new guidelines include mandatory masks for all, checking the temperature of employees, enforcing social distancing and practicing rigorous sanitization.

Although these services are once again allowed to go on, there are some practices that are not yet allowed to be offered at these establishments – such as eyebrow waxing and face shaving. Nail salons have not been permitted to reopen just yet, either.

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