Gun Owner Info Seized in ATF Raid in San Diego: Store CEO

ATF agents raided Ares Armor in National City as part of a federal investigation

Some San Diego-area gun owners are concerned about federal agents taking their personal information in a weekend raid on a gun parts store.

Ares Armor doesn't sell guns. It sells gun parts.

Agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearm and Explosives, or ATF, raided its store in National City over the weekend.

Video shared with NBC 7 shows agents rushing into the store and using a sledgehammer on a safe.

On Monday customers like U.S. Marine Arnold Yaptangco were concerned.

“I'm kind of fearful and I'm a law abiding citizen,” Yaptangco said.

According to the company's CEO, agents took Polymer 80% receivers and computers containing customer information.

The gun parts are part of the investigation, but Yaptangco doesn't understand why authorities need his information.

“I feel if they could do it to these guys 100% legit business. They could do it to anyone.They can just raid in and search for whatever reason,” Yaptangco told NBC 7.

NBC 7 contacted ATF and received this statement:

"Ares Armor is under investigation for federal firearms violation. We served a lawful federal search warrant at a number of their businesses."

When asked about customer information on the computers the bureau spokesperson replied with “no comment.”

"It seems like they overstepped boundaries as a federal organization,” customer Jerry Gomez said.

The company’s CEO met with attorneys Sunday to try to get the computers back. He plans to take further legal action to protect his customers.

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