Fed Up Residents Pack the CA Regional Water Quality Control Board

From lead contamination to sewage spills, concerned neighbors say they are fed up with water problems in San Diego, and on Saturday, they took their frustrations straight to the source.

Dozens packed the California Regional Water Quality Control Board meeting, arguing for what they say needs to fixed.

Several neighbors took to the open mic to raise issues over industrial waste, toxic medical waste and sewage contaminating local waterways.

Many residents were still angry about millions of gallons of sewage pumping in from Mexico spills and forcing the closure of local beaches.

Local leaders said in some cases, they have made progress cleaning up the beaches. 

“We removed over 140,000 cubic yards of contaminated sediment,” said San Diego Port Commissioner Rafael Castellanos. “One of the largest clean-ups in the history of the California coast. That’s a major success story. Thank you so much for working with us. We have more work to do.”

State and local representatives spoke and listened to those concerned about industrial pollution of the San Diego Bay.

Other neighbors said they are worried about at least 17 schools testing positive for lead contamination.

Neighbors took down notes, names, and circulated petitions. They are urging their neighbors and local leaders to figure out ways to fix these problems before they get any worse.

“This is a world issue,” said concerned resident Baron Partlow. “This needs to be solved by world-thinking solutions.”

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