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Father, Son Fly to Poland from San Diego to Deliver Supplies to Ukraine

Alexander and Konstantin Dubovenko have relatives in Ukraine -- they are hoping to bring them safely back to the U.S. after delivering supplies

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The House of Ukraine in San Diego continues to collect donations for those in need overseas. The organization tells NBC 7 they are facing challenges when it comes to shipping large boxes to their intended destination. 

They explain it’s not only expensive to ship the heavy boxes of supplies, but also it can take several weeks for shipments to arrive in Ukraine.  

One local Ukrainian father and son offered to help. Alexander Dubovenko and his son Konstantin are flying to Poland on Monday night. They are each taking two large duffel bags filled with humanitarian aid and protective gear.

“Painkillers…we have tourniquets” said Konstantin, as he helped pack the bags into their car. 

The Dubovenko family moved from Ukraine to San Diego back in 2000. “It’s hard to see the places that are so familiar, places that you’ve grown up in, places that you know, places that are like a second home…all of a sudden you’re seeing those places be bombed,” said Konstantin. 

“We never expected it would go to a war of this scale,” added Alexander. 

Alexander and Konstantin are taking off from the San Diego International Airport and flying into Warsaw, Poland.  

After dropping off supplies, Konstantin says they are hoping to unite with his grandparents in Krakow to bring them safely back to the U.S.

His grandparents, ages 86 and 90, just evacuated from Kyiv where they have lived their entire life. They say what they’re experiencing in Ukraine today is reminiscent of World War II. 

“The horrors that happened in World War II…it’s something that you think should never happen in 2022. And all of a sudden now they are having to live through it again,” said Konstantin. 

Konstantin says, however, it’s a fight that will likely continue, as Ukrainians are determined to defend their freedom. 

“It’s really a fight for that. For freedom. To live like a Western country in a democracy.” 

Anyone interested in helping with donations efforts here in San Diego can reach out to the House of Ukraine online or on Facebook.

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