Father of Woman Missing From Phoenix Searching for Answers in Disappearance

Bergman's boyfriend faces 22 counts of aggravated identity theft and two counts of forgery

The father of an El Cajon woman who has been missing for more than two weeks is searching for clues of what might have happened to her.

Chris Bragg was at work when he first heard his daughter was missing. “My hands were shaking so bad that I couldn't finish the job I was doing at the time,” he told NBC 7.

Kiera Bergman, 19, had recently moved to Phoenix with her boyfriend, Jon Clark, 23. A month ago they broke up, her family said.

Clark was the last person to see Bergman alive and he was arrested last Friday - but on charges not related to her disappearance.

"He was the last person to see her. He picked her up from work. Her colleague said she was visibly upset,” Bergman’s father said.

Bergman left her Phoenix home on Aug. 4 without her money, purse or car, Phoenix police said. They are calling it “suspicious.”

"We don't know whether he has any fault in this or not. I don't want to lay blame on him without knowing what happened,” Bragg added.

Clark faces 22 counts of aggravated identity theft and two counts of forgery.

Clark wrote about the case on Instagram just hours before his arrest Friday saying, "If the police even had a shred of evidence to say I had anything to do with this they would not of let me go."

Bergman’s family and friends continue to search for her. They handed out fliers over the weekend, hoping someone out there knows something.

“The not knowing is the worst part of this situation,” Bragg added. “We just want to find out what happened."

The family, who is putting out a cash reward, said Clark continued to drive Bergman’s car until his arrest last week.

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