Father-Daughter Rally Calls for Return of On-Campus Instruction

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With less than a month until school starts for Torrey Pines High School students, one family took their outrage over online classes to campus in hopes of influencing the district’s decision making.

It was a small protests, but a passionate one.

"Open it up and if there are some people that are apprehensive then so be it,” Torrey Pines parent Mike Miller said. “We got to abide by some 14-day protocol that is completely unattainable."

Miller’s daughter Hope is set to graduate this school year.

The Millers believe schools are essential and should reopen, and to help get their point across they hung banners and signs that read “Open schools now!” on the campus walls for drivers to see.

Miller and his daughter were the only demonstrators on the street corner Wednesday, but if honks by passing cars count as support for their cause then they are not alone.

According to Torrey Pines High’s website, the school is following state and county health orders but staff and administration are working with district leadership to develop plans that may include in-person classes, distance learning, and a curriculum that includes both.

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