Morrissey Rushed Off Stage at Copley Concert

Everything was going fine until this charming man rushed past security and directly at Morrissey

Fatima Kelley

You'd think a concert at Copley Symphony Hall would be rather dignified. You know, a real classy affair. Well, not when Morrissey's in town.

On Saturday, the ex-frontman of the Smiths played Jacobs Music Center's Copley Symphony Hall -- yes, he actually showed up -- and everything seemed to be going fine until this charming man decided to rush past distracted security guards, onto the music center stage and directly toward Morrissey. 

Here's the thing: The guy actually got to Morrissey. It's unclear from the video whether he struck the singer in the face or whether he just wanted to give his idol a bear hug, but given the fact that the Pope of Mope has canceled more than 120 concerts since 2012, I'm sure there are more than a few people who would like to have a word with him. 

This wasn't an XXXTentacion vs. Rob Stone Observatory North Park brawl or anything, but for Copley Symphony Hall this was like an action movie. For Morrissey's team -- namely, manager Peter Katsis -- this was just a passionate display of fandom

The Moz has a couple of weeks to put this incident behind him before heading down to Mexico and South America. Then again, he also has a couple of weeks to arrange some show cancellations. 

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