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Fans Now Allowed in Stands for SDUSD Youth Sporting Events. Here's What to Know

The loosened restrictions only apply to outdoor sporting events and allow up to four members of the athlete's immediate household to attend games

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Student athletes from the San Diego Unified School District will now be allowed to have some fans in the stands after more guidance on the matter was recently released.

The California Department of Public Health stated up to four members of player’s immediate household will be able to cheer them on in the stands. Previously, SDUSD, which is the state’s second-largest school district, had a no fans policy.

San Diego County supervisors met recently to discuss potentially changing that rule so parents and family members could attend youth sporting events. Supervisor Jim Desmond said he was concerned because he had seen photos of parents crowding fences to get a glimpse of their children playing and inadvertently, not following social distancing guidelines.

“What the pictures were showing was lots of parents grouped up outside of fences or areas around the field, trying to watch their kids,” he said during the supervisors’ meeting earlier this week. “I think that was the unintended consequence of not allowing parents to potentially come inside, maybe sit on the bleachers or in the stands social distancing. It’s outdoors; I think it’s very safe.”

That matter was solidified Wednesday when the state updated its guidance on observing youth sports.

The loosened restrictions only apply to outdoor sporting events, however, and attendants must wear facial coverings and follow social distancing guidelines.

A spokesperson for the school district issued more guidance and said to prevent any gatherings from occurring after games, no concessions will be allowed during competitions nor will food trucks.

The stands must also be cleared after each game.

Fans who still want to support their favorite high school athlete will be able to stream SDUSD's regular home games for free via the NFHS network.

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