ESPN, Barack Obama and John McCain … Talkin' Bout Politics in This Craa-azy Tooown

Chris Berman. Barack Obama. John McCain. Tony Kornheiser. All together on the Monday Night Football halftime show. I, for one, don't see how any of us can possibly lose.

Barack came out hot talking about humility and then was asked a "If you could change one thing about sports, what would it be?" by Berman ... and he came with "KILL THE BCS!" Actually, he said we need a playoff, but he might have just pulled by swing vote with that statement right there.

Boomer naturally asked him about the Bears ... oh no. Wait. He only asked two questions. Then he said "Go Bears!". It was, however, a nice touch for Barack to tell everyone to vote regardless of who you vote for; I don't actually believe him, but whatever.

ESPN might claim that they're not biased, but I find it very difficult to believe that they're not Pro-Bama if they're going to run a SAVED BY ZERO ad in between the candidates. But then again, when you see McCain's answers to two simple questions, you realize it might not matter.

"Significant action to spread the abuse and use of performance enhancing substances." Yes, that's right. McCain wants to meddle in the steroids talk. While that's noble, Senator, you'll never guess who else wanted to do that. And then Johnny Mac decided to roll with a "He ... could ... go ... all ... the ... way ... to the White House!" in response to Boomer asking him "What's the one thing you want voters to think about you tomorrow?"

At least it can't be said that he ... hasn't ... lost ... total ... touch ... with the youth of this country! Just kidding. Kind of -- I'm noted for favoring the right, so I shouldn't really be dogging McCain that much, but frankly, if you compare the two interviews -- and ESPN wasn't biased at all -- it's pretty obvious why most people think that Barack is going to win the election tomorrow. Some sort of microcosm thing I would reckon.

But, hey, it doesn't really matter -- if the Redskins can pull off a Dubya tonight, McCain is already guaranteed the election.

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