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Famous Danish Architect Visits Seaport Village With Major Reconstruction Plans

Denmark-based architect Bjarke Ingels was listed as one of Time Magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential People in 2016

A world-renowned architect visited Seaport Village Tuesday with plans to transform San Diego's waterfront with parks, plazas, an aquarium, an urban beach, a public market and more. 

Bjarke Ingels is the star of the Netflix documentary, Big Time. The Danish architect is known for buildings that defy convention. 

Ingels envisions a 70-acre site encompassing 30 acres of water and 40 acres of land, which would include 14 acres of parks.

"The aquarium will become a place where you can share knowledge and experience," said Ingels. "As well as the science of the sea with the citizens of San Diego." 

In addition, he plans to build plazas, retail shops, and a blue tech incubator.

"We're stretching out the ecosystem of the flow of water with a landmark tower and hotel," said Ingels. "You can reach all the way from the deep sea to the clouds." 

There would also be a revitalized commercial fishing basion at the Tuna Harbor site. 

The project, called Seaport San Diego, would cost $1.5 billion dollars. 

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