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Chula Vista House Catches Fire, Causing Rounds of Ammunition to Explode

Ammo heated by a fire sparked in the family's garage exploded for five to ten minutes.

A fire billowed heavy smoke at a family's house in Chula Vista Wednesday afternoon.

Multiple rounds of ammunition started exploding for five to 10 minutes, forcing fire crews to pull all the firefighters out, confirmed the Chula Vista Fire Department.

The flames sparked at about 12:25 p.m. on the 100 block of Cypress Street, according to the CVFD.

Crews worked on the fire with a more defensive stance from the outside. The fire was concentrated in the back area of the garage.

The family tells NBC 7 they had boats and antique cars in the garage, along with many irreplacable items that held personal value.

Chula Vista police were requested at the scene to assist with traffic control.

Nobody was injured in the fire, and there wasn't anyone at the home when the house first caught on fire. Multiple fire crews are at the scene.

Fire investigators are unable to carry out their examination because the building is unsafe. At this point, the homeowner and insurance company will have to determine the next step for the garage.

It may need to be torn down for safety reasons.

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