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Family Who Lost Relative to COVID-19 Warns Against Thanksgiving Gatherings

Thanksgiving Preparations include COVID-19 tests and a call for smaller gatherings to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 during a spike in cases

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Colin Glynn is like most shoppers we spotted at a San Diego grocery store this weekend. His cart not quite as full of Thanksgiving items this year, and his turkey a few pounds lighter. “We're just doing the family,” he tells NBC7.

Because of the surge in cases around the country the Centers for Disease Control is advising people to not gather together this Thanksgiving.

Glynn told us, sadly, his family will have one less relative at the table this year telling NBC7 they just lost a loved to the virus, “I just had an aunt die in Texas from COVID.”

Some San Diegan’s thinking about joining people outside their household for the holiday lined up for COVID-19 tests this weekend.  At drive up testing sites including one NBC7 visited in La Mesa.

And also on sidewalks outside testing facilities, like Avery Ryder who said, “I want to see my mother and my aunt they're both kind of at risk for Covid if they catch it probably was very complicated.”

This as San Diego numbers over the last few days show a Spike in testing and COVID-19 cases. Numbers released on Saturday alone show the highest numbers since coronavirus testing began.

Out of 21,947 tests 1,478 people tested positive in San Diego County for the coronavirus.  Hospitalization rates in San Diego climbing in the last 5 days with more than 450 people in the hospital about 28% in the ICU.

“It's not a joke this is very serious,” said Glynn adding

He hopes others will take his advice and choose to have a safe Thanksgiving.

“Go on zoom if you have to, but you don't have to all get together.”

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