Family of Victim in Deadly Crash on SR-94 Sues Humane Society and County

A grieving family is suing the Humane Society and others claiming animal control officers caused a deadly accident when they chased a dog onto State Route 94.

The incident happened on August 25th on westbound SR-94 near 25th street.

53-year-old Grace Tapit Villar was sitting in the back of a Toyota Camry when animal control officers had pulled over to catch a dog causing a dangerous slowdown. Behind them, a driver of an SUV towing a taco truck swerved and hit the Camry that Villar was in. The force pushed the Camry back into the Humane Society vehicle.

The claim includes personal injuries and wrongful death caused by negligence.

The family is also suing the taco truck, the city, and the county that contracts with the Humane Society.

The Humane Society sent the following statement:

"Our hearts go out to everyone involved in this unfortunate collision, but we cannot comment at this time as we have not seen the alleged lawsuit."

Villar’s husband tells NBC 7 his wife had already passed before he got to the hospital that day. He now takes care of their two children.

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