Family of Suspect in Attempted Kidnapping Says He is Innocent

The family of a suspect accused of trying to use a stun gun to kidnap a jogger in University City told NBC 7, he is innocent.

Police arrested 21-year old Shayan Rahimi Thursday afternoon.

According to police, Rahimi allegedly asaulted the victim and used a stun gun on her, leaving her with burn marks on Wednesday morning. The incident happened on the 8200 block of Cargill Avenue and Nobel Drive in University City.

Police say the victim fought off her attacker and was able to get away. She told police the suspect had been driving a black four door Sedan with a Lyft sticker in the front window.

But Rahimi's mother and sister told NBC 7 that he is innocent.

According to his family, Rahimi is a student at San Diego Mesa College in Linda Vista and he works at Papa John’s Pizza.

“I am 100 percent sure he did not do this. He is my son. I know he didn't do this," Rahimi’s mother said. She told NBC 7 that she did not wish to be identified.

Rahimi was tracked down through the victim's description of his car.

“Very distinctive with the help of the detective going through the area they were able to actually find that vehicle,” northern Division Police Captain Mark Hanten said.

The family told NBC 7 that Rahimi only drove for the Lyft service twice and showed us a photo of another black car in the neighborhood that also had a Lyft sticker.

"It’s ridiculous to arrest my brother solely on the basis that he has a car with a Lyft sticker in it,” Rahimi’s sister said.

Rahimi's features were also matched to the description given by the victim.

“The attacker is described as a dark skinned Middle Eastern male with short dark hair with what she described as unique or very distinctive brown eyes," Northern division Lt. Adam Sharki said.

But a picture of Rahimi from July 3 showed that he had changed his hair color. Police have the dye packaging and receipt they found while searching the home.

“My son has blond hair now," his mother said. "And my daughter died his hair three weeks ago."

But despite the family arguments, police seem to be convinced they have arrested the right suspect.

Rahimi is behind bars pending assault and attempted kidnaping charges.

Investigators are now asking that the good Samaritan who aided the victim's escape come forward to help with the case.

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