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Family In Otay Mesa Says An Angel Saved Them After Home Catches Fire

Firefighters estimate about $55,000 in damage. The family said they have insurance and are waiting to see what will be covered

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A family in Otay Mesa said it was divine intervention that sent the good Samaritan who warned them their home was on fire, saving the entire house from going up into flames.

Vanessa Alcantar, who lives at the home with her parents and her four-year-old son, told NBC 7 that "an ange"l came and told them their house was on fire.

"My mom and I were laying down in our living room when someone started banging on the door. I got up mad because no one bangs on the door like that,” Vanessa Alcantar said. “I opened the door and it was what I call an angel because he said he was just driving by. He doesn't even live here, and he saw the smoke coming out.”

That smoke was a result of a fire that started in Alcantar’s bedroom. The fire was reported at around 5:32 p.m. on the 1000 block of Kostner Drive.

“When you go inside my room and see everything you work for is gone. I don't even have an extra clothing change for my kid,” Alcantar said in tears.

In addition to her bed, couch and other burnt belongings Alcantar said her immigration paperwork and residence card also went up in flames.  

“The thing that hurts me the most is I was waiting for my immigration interview. So that paperwork I have is gone, along with my residence card so I don't know what to do,” she said in tears.

Alcantar works part-time and goes to school. She said she is just very thankful for the Good Samaritan she calls an angel helped saved them before the fire consumed the entire house.

No injuries were reported. Firefighters told NBC 7 that the fire was contained to the bedroom which is in the garage.

The family won’t be able to stay in the house as SDG&E has cut off power. Firefighters estimate about $55,000 in damage. Alcantar said she has insurance and is waiting to see what will be covered.

The cause is still under investigation.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help with expenses.

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