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Family Holds Rally for Maya Millete Days After Husband Named Person of Interest in Case

Dozens gathered near Seaport Village to rally for answers in Chula Vista mother's disappearance

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Nearly a dozen volunteers gathered near Seaport Village on Saturday to rally for answers in Maya Millete’s disappearance. The Chula Vista mother’s story has touched many across the community.

“I just heard about this story on the news and decided to become a volunteer,” said Manita Gordon.

Some handed out flyers, others chanted her name, and many held signs pleading for Maya’s safe return.

“We want the community to know that my sister Maya is still missing and that we continue to ask help from the community,” said Maricris Drouaillet, Maya’s sister.

Family members and loved ones have been gathering weekly for virtual prayer circles, independent search parties, and rallies. 

“It’s been tough, to be honest,” said Drouaillet. “It’s been exhausting, physically, emotionally.”

It’s now been nearly seven months since her disappearance. Since Maya went missing, there’s been no sign of her husband, Larry Millete, at any of the events held by her family. 

Her sister, Drouaillet, has been open about her brother-in-law’s distancing from the family, including keeping the couple’s three kids from them. 

“That’s been really heartbreaking for the entire family, especially for my mom and dad who haven't seen their grandkids for more than 6 months now,” said Drouaillet.

This week, Chula Vista police named Larry as a person of interest in the case. 

“To me personally, it's not really a surprise,” said Drouaillet. “It’s a person of interest. Anyone can be a person of interest. He was the last person to see my sister.”

The declaration came at a hearing tied to a gun violence restraining order served at the Millete family home on May 7. 

NBC 7's Lauren Coronado heard from family and loved ones following the latest development in the case.

Days later a search warrant was also served at the home. A total of three search warrants have been served at the Millete home since Maya’s disappearance. 

“We are very happy and grateful with the Chula Vista police department that this case is actually moving forward,” said Drouaillet.

The family remains hopeful answers and justice will come soon.

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