Family Finds Third Rattlesnake in Backyard This Summer

For the third time this season, a family living along the rim of a canyon in Tierrasanta had an unwelcome visitor.

The rattlesnake looked innocent enough all curled up in the shade, but the homeowners knew its venom could be deadly, so they called the San Diego Humane Society, which quickly dispatched an officer to remove the snake.

Officer Barry Strong quickly sized up the rattler, a 3-to 4-foot-long western diamondback. He was able to quickly capture it and drop it into a 5-gallon bucket with air holes in the lid.

Strong later released the snake into a wilderness area off Santo Road, away from homes.

Strong told NBC 7 he rescues several snakes every week during warm weather and said it’s a priority run for him because of the potential danger of snakes in residential areas.

He said if you see a rattlesnake on your property, don’t try to kill it or run it off. Call the Humane Society, and they’ll send an officer out right away.

For more information about what to do if you find a rattlesnake at your house visit the SD Humane Society’s website.

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