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Family Defends SEAL Chief Facing ‘Shameless' War Crime Allegations

The wife of Navy SEAL Chief Edward Gallagher spoke out about the war crime charges her husband is facing days after a New York Times piece detailed new allegations against him. 

Chief Gallagher, who faces court-martial for the death of a young ISIS fighter, has recently been accused of additional war crimes related to the 2010 shooting death of a civilian in Afghanistan, according to the New York Times.

He was recently moved from the brig at MCAS Miramar to Naval Medical Center San Diego after President Donald Trump intervened.

Gallagher’s family is angry about the allegations, and has vowed they won't stop fighting justice.

Andrea Gallagher, his wife of 12 years and mother to his three children, says she has complete faith in her husband.

“The truth has always been our best defense. We said from day one, that these allegations are shameless,” Andrea said.

Chief Gallagher is facing life without parole for the death of the ISIS fighter in Iraq.

He is accused of posing for photos with the fighters severed head during a reenlistment ceremony. The Navy says it will present the photos at trial.

The latest accusations stemming from the incident in Afghanistan, first reported in the New York Times, were detailed in a 439-page document leaked to the newspaper.

Gallagher’s wife is accusing prosecutors of leaking the misinformation to the media, and says that reports from the Navy Times hold the truth -- that prosecutors are in fact withholding evidence that would clear Gallagher of the war crime allegations.

“There is all types of evidence now. That there is prosecutorial misconduct they have been withholding exculpatory evidence,” Andrea Gallagher said.

Chief Gallagher has a hearing coming up on April 30, and his court-martial is scheduled to begin May 28.

NBC 7 learned that the Navy also has NCIS testimony from fellow SEALS claiming Gallagher shot Iraqi civilians on two occasions.

Also included in the document leaked to the Times are allegations that SEAL Team leadership discouraged SEALS from coming forward to report such incidents.

“He is not a monster,” Gallagher’s brother Sean said.

Sean has been fighting for his big brother in Washington D.C. and was instrumental in urging President Trump to move him out of the brig.

“He is not any of these things, he is a terrific man. If you met him, he is a wonderful storyteller, he is just a good person, he is the best of us. He is a person who deserves this the least,” Sean said.

Sean has a 6-week-old son at home, who he plans for his brother to meet.

“There is no way in hell liars keep a hero uncle from my boys. My brother will teach my sons to swim. He will be the role model that he is. I will never stop fighting for that,” he said.

Andrea said the family has worked hard to expose the truth and hopes people will start to come around.

“People will start to see what's happened here is a travesty of justice,” she said.

Chief Gallagher’s family is raising money to help cover his attorney fees.

His family worries that his case is dividing the SEAL community. Those who support Gallagher, a decorated Chief who has served 20 years in the Navy, will be at a silent auction planned for Friday in San Diego.

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