Family Asks For Help to Find Lost Heirloom

SDSU basketball fans lose a rare ring during basketball game

Heirloom Ring Lost

This is one of those stories that, with a little luck and some help from the San Diego community, can have a happy ending.

Kathi Klein had a special wish for her 59th birthday.

“The only thing I wanted to do for my birthday was go to the San Diego State basketball game,” said Klein.

Kathi did not attend San Diego State but her husband John was the Aztecs golf coach for nearly a decade so she grew to love the school.

“All three of my daughters were born when he was coaching at San Diego State,” says Kathi.

One of her girls honored that birthday request, getting two tickets to the Aztecs afternoon game against New Mexico. The excitement of SDSU’s late comeback and overtime win over the Lobos had a bit of a painful side effect.

“I was cheering, cheering, cheering, and my ring was cutting in to my hand because I was clapping so hard,” said Kathi, who even hours after the game had a few cuts on her right pinky finger. “I took my ring off and I thought I put it in my purse. I noticed after the game that my ring was gone.”

This is not just an ordinary ring. This is a custom-made ring that carries with it a lot of history.

“My mother-in-law gave it to me right before she passed away,” says Kathi. “So we re-traced our steps. We went back to Viejas Arena. We went back to our seats to find it.”

Still they had no luck finding the ring, which looks like the side of a gold tree with a filigree and a few small diamonds.

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