Families Make Time for Pre-Thanksgiving COVID-19 Tests

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Compared to 2020, a lot more people are expected to gather for the holidays, and many, including those who are vaccinated, are deciding to get COVID-19 tests ahead of their Thanksgiving gatherings.

"On Thanksgiving, we’re going to have it at my grandma's house and she's pretty old so we don’t want to get her sick," said Zawadi Corley, a middle school student.

Corley went to the Lemon Grove Senior Center to get tested for COVID-19, a decision many chose to do ahead of gathering with loved ones on Thursday.

"I am thankful for being able to spend time with my family," Corley said.

Over at San Diego State University many families were at another COVID-19 testing site open to walk-ins.

"We’re doing it because we don’t want to get any of our family sick because we love them very much," said Vivian Opana, an elementary school student.

Vivian and her family say getting tested is an easy choice to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 on top of being fully vaccinated.

"So, this is just a small, not a price or inconvenience, just a necessity," Carol Ruben said.

While county-run COVID-19 testing sites do not offer rapid testing, the Opana family says they typically get back results within about a day or two. To schedule COVID-19 testing visit the County website.

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