Families Honor Loved Ones Killed in Brutal Attacks

A candlelight tribute was held Monday night for victims of violent crimes, as well as survivors

Families and friends gathered Monday night in San Diego to honor the victims of brutal crimes at the 28th Annual Candlelight Tribute for Crime Survivors.

Dayna Herroz carried two candles -- one in honor of her 22-year-old daughter Tori Vienneau. The other, for her grandson Dean, who was just 10 months old when he was killed.  

Their bodies were found in an apartment in Southcrest back in July 2006. Backlash over paying child support was the main motive for the murders.  

“When Tori said she was going to take him to court, he killed her and then he killed my grandson,” Herroz said.

Herroz told NBC 7 that gatherings like the Candlelight Tribute, and support from both her family and the community have helped her heal every day.

“We hurt as much as we hurt because we loved as much as we loved. And no one can take that away from us,” she added.

Tori and Dean’s killer, Dennis Potts, is now serving two life sentences in prison. Herroz said the judge granted her an unusual request.

In Potts' prison cell, there is a large picture of the bodies of Vienneau and Dean in their casket on the day they were buried together.

"I want him to live with it every day," Herroz told NBC 7 previously.

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