Fallbrook High School Vandalism a Prank ‘Taken Too Far': Deputies

Sheriff’s deputies are calling an apparent case of vandalism at Fallbrook High School a senior prank that went too far.

Last Thursday, students spray painted racial slurs on school grounds, threw trash cans on top of the school roof, tossed toilet paper on trees and jammed glue into door locks, school officials said on Tuesday.

So far, investigators have identified five seniors as suspects in the case, but it’s unclear whether they will be charged with any crimes.

Fallbrook Union High School District Superintendent Hugo Pedroza said in a statement: “We know that this was done by a handful of students who do not represent the character of Fallbrook High School. We are still in the process of conducting a thorough investigation.”

Sheriff’s investigators told NBC 7 they don’t believe the situation is a case of hate crime.

On Tuesday, the vandalism had been cleaned at the school.

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