FAA Departure Plan Change Leaves Some Point Loma Residents Suspicious

The departure path change will begin November 10

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) hosted a public forum on Thursday evening to discuss changes to air traffic routes over Point Loma.

The controversial proposed change had gotten backlash from many community members rallying about 4,000 homeowners against it. They feared it would add to the air and sound pollution in the area.

“We eliminated the probably 45,000 flights per year that would have been flying eastbound over the peninsula,” said San Diego Air Traffic Forum Leader, Casey Schnoor. "Was a win for the community."

On Thursday, Point Loma residents gathered to get their first look at the FAA’s new departure plan. That plan will push planes more than a mile south of what had been the accepted eastern turn point.

Schnoor and other homeowners who saw the new plan said they were satisfied but have their suspicions, saying they are concerned that planes will still cut the corner early.

“The airlines are cheating on the flight path even before it's been implemented in the last year," one homeowner said.

But FAA Spokesman Ian Gregor says heavy air traffic and safety considerations do sometimes cause flights path variations.

“Our goal is to always keep as many planes as possible on the published root because that is simply more efficient,” Gregor said.

Along with the departure path, the rules of combat in this aerial duel are also about to change. Schnoor says ordinary citizens will sit in on the Airport Noise Advisory Committee.

“We've never been able to ask a question get and answer and ask a follow-up question and actually educate each other on our viewpoints,” Schnoor said.

For the first time, Schnoor and other members of the Point Loma and Pacific Beach communities formed a subcommittee on the noise advisory board.

The departure path change will begin November 10.

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