Overloaded Extension Cords Likely Caused Clairemont Fire

An elderly couple was treated for smoke inhalation after their Clairemont home burned to the ground Saturday morning.

The fire started just after 2 a.m. Saturday at a home near the corner of Clairemont Mesa Boulevard and Clairemont Drive.

Firefighters thought they were responding to a smaller shed fire, but they arrived to find a house engulfed in flames. Additional crews were called to assist.

Fire officials found what they believed to be the source of the fire in a back bedroom.

“As far as lessons learned, that’s the big thing with extension cords. There were multiple cords. We’re not 100 percent sure if there were extension cords into extension cords,” said San Diego Fire Capt. Ronnie Dizon. “But if you need an outlet, 100 percent use a surge protector. Four foot, five foot, eight foot -- they sell it in different lengths. You want to use a surge protector versus using an extension cord.”

Fire officials said man and woman are expected to be ok. However, their home is a complete loss.

The fire spread to the exterior of the house next door, but the damage appeared to be minor.

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