Expanded Lindbergh Land-Use Issues Under Review

$1 billion in upgrades under way; completion due in 2013

Lindbergh expansion
San Diego Airport Authority

As construction moves forward to expand terminal facilities at Lindbergh Field, regional airport officials are set to launch a public review of the land use surrounding the bayside airport.

The goal is to insure the safety of the airport, airline operations and people involved in whatever developments and buildings sprout in the vicinity.

Airport officials on Thursday will outline a process of public workshops and community input regarding what might be "incompatible" land uses, in terms of physical "encroachments", exposure to airport noise and other factors.

Roughly $1 billion worth of environmentally-friendly upgrades involving Terminal 2 are expected to be completed in 2013, increasing the number of boarding gates from 45 to 55, to accommodate an expected doubling of passenger volume to about 35 million a year over the next two decades.

Financing will come from airport user fees, revenue bonds, Federal Aviation Administration grants and concession fees.


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