USD `Drag Show' Divides Campus

USD students divided over drag show on catholic campus

The Drag Show at the University of San Diego (USD) is supposed to be a celebration of equality, similar to the message of San Diego's annual gay pride parade.

"Students are encouraged to dress up as someone from a different gender and express their identity like that," explained student Ernesto Reyes.

The sophomore is a member of USD PRIDE, the student organization that's holding the Catholic school's first ever drag show next Wednesday.

"We're hoping that our campus community will become more knowledgeable and aware of other students who have different sexual orientations, students who are gay, lesbian students who are transsexual,"Reyes said in an exclusive interview with NBCSanDiego.

But not everyone supports the event.

Ever since the show was announced on the website California Catholic Daily, it has drawn harsh criticism from some people.

In the comment section, one person calls the show, "Perversion at its highest level."

Another says: "USD stands for Undeniable Satanic Destruction."

"And another person said whoever is organizing this event should hang themselves in shame," added Reyes.

Students are divided.

Student Sharon Yarak doesn't agree with the hurtful comments but also points out that USD is a Catholic school.

"It's opposed in the church, it's definitely not okay and I don't think it should be on our campus for that reason," said Yarak.

"If somebody wants to put their viewpoint out.. it shouldn't be censored,"said student Matt Hose.  "even if it's owned by the Catholic Church, they should celebrate all kinds of views."

A University spokesperson said the event has been approved according to it's Equal Opportunity Policy.

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