DUI Victims Remember Their Nightmare

An Escondido woman talks about a devastating crash that seriously injured her husband and destroyed her home


Escondido resident Lisa Vidaurri is in shock over what happened last Thursday at her condominium on Country Club Lane.

A pickup truck hopped a curb and slammed into the back of a home, wiping out an entire deck and causing a large power outage in the area.

The crash also seriously injured the homeowner.

"It's devastating," Vidaurri said in an exclusive interview with NBC San Diego.  "I don't have a home."

She was making something to eat in the kitchen when she saw a flash of light coming through the window from a pickup truck.

"And all of a sudden, like a bomb exploded, it went through my wall," she said.

Her 14-year-old daughter Laurel was sitting at the dining table where the truck missed her by inches.

"For a split second, I thought she had been killed," Vidaurri said with tears in her eyes.

Laurel suffered a scratch on her eye, and wasn't seriously hurt, but still continues to have nightmares about the crash.

Vidaurri realized her husband Tony Vidaurri was in the back patio with their two dogs when the truck hit the home.

She panicked in the darkness as she looked for her husband and couldn't understand why the driver of the truck kept shifting gears and gunning the engine.

"He tried several times to back out, and I'm screaming and then I hear moaning and I realize Tony is underneath the truck," Vidaurri said.  "There's a pool of blood next to his head."

The driver, identified as Brandon Morris, 23, got out of the truck and Vidaurri said neighbors quickly detained him.

"He was so intoxicated, he actually went and peed in front of my neighbors on her lawn," Vidaurri said.

It took rescuers 20 minutes to pull Tony Vidaurri from the rubble.  He suffered multiple fractures, internal injuries and facial lacerations.

"I am just so lucky that he is alive," Lisa Vidaurri said.

But Tony Vidaurri doesn't have health insurance and the family doesn't have a home or any money.

Anyone who would like to make a donation to the family should go to Facebook and search for the page called "Escondido DUI Victim."

Morris was driving on a suspended license for a previous DUI conviction police said.

On Tuesday, he will be arraigned on new charges.  Lisa Vidaurri plans to attend the arraignment.

"I know I can't say anything to him, but I just want him to see my family," she said.  "This man's selfish actions completely changed our lives."

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