Third Evidence Hearing Underway for Marine Jailed in Mexico

Surveillance footage taken where a US. Marine jailed in Mexico was detained at the San Ysidro Port of Entry was being reviewed in court on Tuesday.

The evidentiary hearing, the third in Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi’s case, was expected to last all day and no immediate rulings were anticipated, said Tahmooressi’s attorney, Fernando Benitez.

Benitez spoke with reporters outside the Mexico courthouse.

“We will see surveillance footage from 18 different cameras that were inside the customs area at the border crossing,” Benitez said.

His attorney said he hopes this evidence will bring to light how Tahmooressi’s rights were violated by custom agents who arrested him.

It was unclear whether Tahmooressi attending the hearing. Defendants were driven to a side secure parking lot and more than a dozen were brought in through a side door. The defendant’s mother was seen entering the courtroom.

Tahmooressi, of Weston, Florida, has been in Mexican custody facing weapons charges since he was arrested at the San Ysidro Port of Entry on April 1 with three U.S.-registered guns in his possession.

Tahmooressi has claimed he entered the country by accident.

Benitez said that his client was not provided an interpreter or legal representation in the eight hours he was in the custody of customs officials, before he was presented to the Mexican federal prosecutor.

Benitez said that is not justified under the Mexican constitution.

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