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Everything You Need To Know About the Rides at the San Diego County Fair

Conga is a new ride at the fair this year. Riders sit on a bench that swings while strapped in a harness.

We are just days away from the San Diego County Fair's opening on June 1. The rides are not fully set up yet, but they will be in time for the Friday debut. 

During the fair, many people go solely to ride the roller coasters, Ferris wheel, and other fun ride attractions. 

People all over San Diego wonder how the rides are installed so fast, are they safe, and who puts them up? 

We're answering all your questions, talking to experts about the safety and installation of the rides you see at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. 

"Actually, the fair rides are very safe," said Tony Guadagno, a coordinator with the San Diego County Fairgrounds. “They come down and up multiple times a year so you get to see the ins and outs, unlike a park-model ride that stays together all the time.” 

Some of the rides can be set up in four to six hours. Others, like roller coasters, require cranes to put up and can take a few days. 

Guadagno added that Conga is a new ride at the fair this year. Riders sit on a bench that swings while strapped in a harness. 

For thrill seekers, he recommends Tango, which he added is his favorite ride at the fair. 

"They're fun!" Guadagno said of the rides. "They're really fun. I even ride them!" 

Technicians have the set up down to a science: improper placement of the rides could result in disastrous consequences. 

On top of that, California has some of the strictest fair ride inspection guidelines of all the states. 

That's why multiple checks take place before, during and after the fair. 

"We actually have three inspection checks," said Guadagno. "Safety is very important to us." 

Last year, roughly 1.6 million people visited the San Diego County Fair. This year, organizers are expecting more than a million people to go on the rides. 

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