San Diego

Evacuations Issued at Mahaila Avenue Building After Note Found Warning of Gas: SDPD

Residents were allowed back in their homes Thursday night after a poisonous gas scare in University City. 

A note warning of poisonous gas inside an apartment room prompted nearby evacuations as Hazmat crews prepared to enter the area, San Diego police (SDPD) said. 

The apartment complex at 3900 Mahaila Avenue, near La Jolla Village Drive and the University of California, San Diego campus in San Diego, was evacuated at approximately 7:30 p.m. Thursday, police said. 

SDPD's Lee Swanson said two people came over to visit a friend at the Axiom apartment complex and arrived to a note on the door saying, "Come on in." 

When the friends walked in and headed toward the bedroom door, a note on the door read, "Don't Come In, Poisonous Gas", Swanson said.

Units within 100 feet of the room were evacuated as Hazmat crews arrived, preparing to enter the apartment.

Tests found no poisonous gas.

After first responders investigated the apartment they found a woman's body with a small cup filled with a solution nearby.

No other injuries have been reported. The investigation is ongoing. 

No other information was immediately available.

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