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Woman Convicted of Murder in Gruesome DUI Crash Sentenced to More Than a Decade in Prison

Esteysi “Stacy” Sanchez is on trial for the brutal death of a transient in Oceanside

An Oceanside woman who struck a homeless man and continued driving with the man lodged in her windshield before walking home and changing her clothes was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison Wednesday.

Esteysi “Stacy” Sanchez had at least five alcoholic drinks, plus beer, in the hours before her car struck a pedestrian on July 27, 2016.

She was convicted of murder in the second degree, gross vehicular manslaughter, manslaughter while intoxicated and hit and run with death or permanent serious injury in April.

Jack Tenhulzen was walking on the sidewalk of Mission Avenue in Oceanside was struck with such force, the impact stripped him of his clothes and severed his leg. The man's leg flew through the back window and landed on the trunk of the car, police said.

Tenhulzen, 69, bled to death inside Sanchez’s car, which she abandoned on the street near her home.

Sanchez called her boyfriend, walked home and changed clothes. 

In his opening statement, Sanchez’s attorney acknowledged that his client did drive drunk and fled the scene. Attorney Herb Weston told jurors that fatigue, not alcohol, was responsible for the deadly crash.

Sanchez had a blood alcohol level of approximately .22 percent at the time of the collision. That’s almost three times the legal limit of .08 percent.

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