Synthetic Drugs Seized from Escondido Office Building

Agents raided an office building in Escondido full of synthetic drug packets Wednesday afternoon, authorities with the Drug Enforcement Agency said.

Authorities with the DEA could be seen carrying boxes of the packets from an office building in the 2400 block of Auto Park Way in Escondido just after noon on Wednesday.

Five people under the age of 20 and all from Escondido were arrested following the drug bust at the business known as Magic Blends. They include Daniel Pollock, 20, Simon Hodge, 18, Caleb Grissom, 18, Johnny Oates, 18 and Allen Barillas, 18.

Magic Blends had been maufacturing and selling bath salts and spices, as the synthetic drugs are called, across the country and in San Diego.

Authorities couldn't estimate exactly how many of the packets were taken from the office. When they arrived, the suspects were assembling the boxes.

Each packet costs between $40 and $60. They are extremely popular with young adults, but the side effects are extremely dangerous. Users experience hallucinations, rapid heartbeats and other symptoms.

The building is located near several office buildings just south of the SR-78 freeway.

Synthetic cannabinoids and stimulants are both illegal in California. It is considered a crime to sell, dispense, distribute, furnish, administer, or provide these drugs.

However businesses like Magic Blends have been creatively marketing the drugs, calling them things like "shoe deoderizer" or "glass cleaner" to side-step regulations.

Some packages even read "not for human consumption," as a way to mislead enforcement.

The drugs are usually found in smoke shops or online and go by a variety of names. They are laced with chemical compounds that mimic the effects of Methamphetamine or in some cases marijuana.

DEA agents say this drug bust will lead to another residence in Escondido believed to be involved.

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