Escondido Police Take Fight to City Hall

Rory Devine

     A show-down between the  Escondido Police Officers Association and the City Council.

    Members of the POA packed city council chambers  Wednesday afternoon to make their case known to council members.

    They are upset about proposed cuts to their compensation package, specifically, the elimination of 401K contributions, as well as pay increases tied to longevity, and bonuses for education and training.

     Escondido Mayor Lori Holt Pfeiler says every city employee has taken a cut, and the POA has to be part of the plan to  survive in these tough economic times.

     The POA says it already has agreed to forego a pay increase this year.

    To bring its case to the public, the POA sent out mailers to 17 thousand homes. The mailers show gang members, all minorities, and say "gang members outnumber police officers by almost six to one.:

      Some say the mailers are racist and misleading,  and use a scare tactic to make the community feel it is unsafe.

     The POA says race has nothing to do with the fliers, and are based on fact.

     The fliers are sure to be a subject of discussion as the meeting goes on, with a decision about the proposed compensation cuts expected tonight.

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