Escondido Police Officers Pay for Residents' Groceries

An Escondido Police Department pays for a family's groceries as part of the department's "Operation Zero Total" initiative.
Escondido Police Department

The Escondido Police Department has been making people’s day by paying for their groceries using funds made by generous donors.

“Operation Zero Total” is the department’s new initiative to help the city’s residents during the tough times caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

With a record high of Americans filing for unemployment and a slowing economy, many San Diego County residents are feeling the virus’ grip on everyday life. So to help, Escondido police officers are covering the cost of groceries to random residents at Albertsons, Northgate Market and other stores.

Already five rounds into the operation, officers donning face masks have helped several residents. Videos posted to the department’s Facebook show the officers waiting patiently as cashiers ring up customers’ items. Once the products are bagged and placed in shopping carts, the officers then cover the costs.

Many people expressed their gratitude at the nice gesture and though masks hide the majority of the customer’s faces, it’s evident that they are smiling through the transaction.

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