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Escondido Police Department Announces Passing of 2 Canines

Two retired police canines passed away last week after serving with the Escondido Police Department for several years.

Hunter began his career as police K-9 in July 2006 with Escondido Police Officer Baeder, the department said.

At one point, Hunter alerted police to 160 kilos of cocaine from inside a travel trailer. 

According to police, Hunter was adored by the other officers, some of whom liked to sneak him treats when Officer Baeder wasn't paying attention.

Hunter retired from duty in April 2013 and lived with Officer Baeder until he passed away on Sept. 14. 

K9 Utah passed away on Sept. 15. He worked with Officer Banks since starting his career in June 2008. 

Police said Utah was a friendly dog and loved to nudge officers to pet him.

He retired in Sept. 2013 and lived with Officer Banks until his death.

Utah and Hunter helped officers arrest more than 500 suspects during their careers, police said.

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