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Escondido Man Drives Trailer Full of Supplies to Hurricane Michael Victims

The trailer was full of food, paper towels, and other supplies

An Escondido man is stepping up to help those affected by Hurricane Michael’s rampage through Florida.

Cpt. Robert Butler asked the county for help to load up a large trailer full of food, medicine, and other supplies that he drove to Florida himself.

“That’s what we need to do as a community,” Butler told NBC 7. “That’s what the United States is about - getting together and making things happen.”

Butler has a friend in Mexico Beach, Florida, which was hit hard by the Category 4 hurricane, according to a post he made to Facebook.

“We knew that he [Butler’s friend] was right in the middle of the storm, and, with all the craziness going on in the world, I just figured it was something I needed to do,” Butler said.

Community members donated a 24-foot enclosed trailer for Butler to use.

The trailer quickly got a paint job with Tow Boat U.S.’s logo on it. Butler works for Tow Boat U.S., and the company is no stranger to making deliveries.

Butler left for Florida on October 18 at midnight.

The trailer full of donated goods made it to Mexico Beach within a few days.

A local community center was happy to take the supplies from Butler and his team.

“They have a little hurricane room there, and they all piled into this hurricane-proof room to weather the storm, because they had no place to go,” Butler said. “They’re going to rebuild. They’ll get it together and live on.”

Butler is now headed near Washington D.C. to re-load the trailer for the Hurricane Michael victims.

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