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Escondido Homicide Victim Feared for Life: Family

Family members told NBC 7, the victim had taken out a life insurance policy on herself just a couple of months ago

A suspect in connection to the death of a 23-year old San Diego woman is still on the loose.

Antonia Herrera's body was found last Thursday, dumped on the side of a road in unincorporated Escondido, according to the San Diego County Sheriff's Department (SDSO).

Friends and family are now scouring social media for any clues and trying to figure out who was the last person to see Antonia alive.

Family members told NBC 7, the victim had been scared for her life. So much that she had taken out a life insurance policy on herself just a couple of months ago.

A memorial filled with balloons, flowers and candles was set up in her honor on Champagne Boulevard where her body was found.

"Someone has to know something," said Antonia’s sister, Tinamarie Herrera.

Eliza King, Antonia's roommate at San Pasqual Academy told NBC 7 that the news hit her hard.

“It's definitely impacted me. We were really close, and I really cared about her," King said, holding back tears.

King told NBC 7 that she saw Antonia just the week before her body was found, during classes for an internship program.

"She was working on getting her life together," she said.

King said Antonia told her she was staying with a male friend for the week.

"She mentioned that she went to stay with a guy so that she could have a way to get to the training," King said.

She added that Antonia told her she felt uncomfortable staying with the male friend, but it was only for a short time and then she would be back at her apartment in San Marcos.

Now, friends and family are left with many unanswered questions about her tragic death.

“She was valued. We valued her, people love her and it's just not fair," King said.

As of Tuesday night, homicide detectives said there are no suspects or persons of interest in this case.

Crime Stoppers is offering a $1,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest.

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