Escondido Woman Touched by Home Intruder

Police believe this incident is linked to a series of similar cases happening in Escondido and San Marcos

An Escondido woman was inappropriately touched in her sleep by an unknown intruder who entered her bedroom through an open window early Wednesday morning, police confirmed.

The incident happened around 2:30 a.m. at a home on Magnolia Place.

Police say a man reached through the open window of a ground-level room and touched a woman’s body while she was asleep in bed with her two young children.

The suspect fled the scene before police could arrive.

According to investigators, this incident may be connected to several other similar cases recently reported in  Escondido and San Marcos.

In most instances, the suspect targets young girls who live in ground-level bedrooms. He enters the rooms through open windows late at night while victims are sleeping and then proceeds to touch the girls in their sleep.

Last Friday, an incident like this happened to a young girl in San Marcos. An unknown man entered her bedroom through a window and touched her, but fled once the girl began screaming.

Police say this most recent incident in Escondido is now being investigated as part of this ongoing series involving what appears to be the same suspect. A suspect description has not yet been released.

Officials want to remind residents to lock all doors and windows, especially overnight. Residents should also consider installing motion detectors or keeping one exterior light on overnight.

Any suspicious activity should be immediately reported to the Escondido Police Department.

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