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Footage Shows Man Move Stolen Air Compressor to Escondido Couple's Trash Bins



    Stolen Air Compressor Moved to Neighbor's Trash

    A stolen air compressor wound up near an Escondido couple's trash bins, less than a quarter-mile from the owner. (Published Sunday, Dec. 9, 2018)

    An Escondido couple discovered a large air compressor left near their trash bins and later found out it was stolen from a neighbor.

    When Patti Thompson and her husband noticed the air compressor, they quickly looked through their security camera footage.

    A man could be seen slowly wheeling the machinery up to their house on Dec. 4 at around 7:45 a.m.

    He then moves a trash bin forward and places the air compressor behind it, appearing to try and hide the large machinery, before walking away.

    Thompson posted the footage to Facebook, asking if anyone was missing an air compressor. Shortly after, one of her neighbors came knocking.

    The neighbor and Thompson watched the surveillance footage and were shocked that neither one of them knew who the suspect was or why he would move the air compressor around.

    The man had a minivan, which could have easily transported the air compressor, Thompson told NBC 7.

    Thompson and her neighbor live less than a quarter-mile apart.

    She called the whole thing “puzzling.”

    The Escondido Police Department said it’s investigating the incident as grand theft. Grand theft typically refers to items valuing over $950.

    Anyone with information is asked to call EPD’s anonymous tip line at (760) 743-8477 or leave the tip on its website.